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CLEAR CONVICTIONS (Puerto Rico) is a christian Hardcore / Gospel-Combo which is preaching the word of God through music.

First we really wanna thank you that you spent your time to a answer a couple of questions for us!!

Please describe your band , bandmembers to our audience.

Well, this band is all about serving. We want to serve people in the scene by spreading the real concept about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So the band members are just a simple group of guys that have a great love for music and are willing to talk about"life" and to hear the nessesity among the people and help in anything they can.

Please tell us something about your band name „CLEAR CONVICTIONS“. Is there a bigger meaning in relation to something special?

"CLEAR CONVICTIONS" comes around because that's how we see our lifestyle. As christians, we believe by faith and that faith becomes true and alive , something that you can feel inside,it is like having an ear and true relationship with the Creator. Then that faith madeus move in obedience to God, for example that made us to: Love the people around as ourselves, love our enemy, protect the weak etc.To obey God's will. Then we are CLEAR that our CONVICTIONS are that we have a God that lives and has the power and is the only one that can change death to life because we feel and see Him in our lives. In other words: Clear Convictions = Believe in God in a time of God Free. Oh and, it sounds cool, the other name that we had wasn’t.

Please describe the music you play.

This is a tough question because there area lot of original facts in the music but at the same time there are some little influences of other bands. In general we play Hardcore with a LOT of Metal, but also mixed with a Hip-Hop soul (haha), hard to explain.

When did you create CLEAR CONVICTIONS? And what inspired you to play the music you play?

The band was established in 1999. I really don’t have all the details about what inspired the first members but i think that it was the same feeling I had:"I love music,I have the talent playing that kind of music,I love that kind of music,I love to talk about Jesus and his love, so why not?"(yes, the drummer is the one answering the questions).

Is CLEAR CONVICTIONS your main job or is it just a “hobby”?

I think none of both. It is not a job because isn’t full time and we are not using the band for a living and its not a hobby, its more likea calling that we love to do. But who knows if that can change in the future.

Some of us know your first album, which came out 2005 on strike first records. We saw that you will bring out a new album on „On the Attack Records“. What do you expect for this collaboration? What can we expect for the new album and when does it hit the street?

We chose "On the Attack Records"because we know that they take things serious and we expect a great work from both sides because we are trying to do our best. And this new album that is coming soon shows a new C.C., music is more complicated and has variety but at the same time has a touch of simple rhythms, it has a rich sound and every song is going to sound different to your ears.

We don`t know much about the Hardcorescene in South America, especially in Puerto Rico.What can you say about the scene there? And what can you say, when you draw a comparison between the South American and the North american hardcorescene?

Well, Puerto Rico isnt really in South America. Americais divided on four: North America, Central America, South America and theCaribbean. Puerto Rico is in the Caribbean, but that doesn’t means that we still connected with influences of S.A., that could happen. And about the hxcscene in Puerto Rico,I have to tell you the truth, it had change and keeps changing.These past years (like 3, not sure) things are starting to turn slower for hxcbands here in PR, don’t know I think that the new breed of kids are looking for something different, but there’s always a step whenthings have to evolve<<< (you know, sometimes even the smallest groups in society can be affected and obligated to evolve in something better or new, we like it or not. I personally like oldskool and newskool hxc and ifit changeI decide for something better than something new, less uncertainly I think)>>>let’s see what happens with hxc music in some years from now. //Well, whenI seethe hxc scene of PR in comparison with US there’s not a big difference, PR is a territory of the US and a lot of things are the same. But most of the influences are from New York and Los Angeles I think (Most of all, but is more complicated).

Do you ever went to Europe? Especially to germany ? ;)

Nop, we haven’t. But we would LOVE to visit you up there guys! :)

What about a tour? Will there be a promotion tour for the new album?

Not sure about that yet.

What are your songs about? Do you have a main topic? Or is it just „for fun“?

Our songs are all about what we believe: They are based in God, christians lifestyle, hope, love, respect, tolerance, spiritual liberation etc.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

Everyday is a challenge for each of us.

Do yo guys know some german HC-bands?

Ermmm… I don’t think I know, years ago I started to hear European bands and the only ones that I remember are Raised Fist and Censored Sound (and I think they are not from Germany right?). But maybe some of the guys could know. Or Maybe you could show us some great bands over there?

And now… Brainstorming!! (Please give us your first thoughts )

Strength of mind and soul

Our Lord and Savior

Hip Hop?
Inspiration + Poetry + Rhythm = “Art” (speaking about real hip hop)

Mechanism that can be used for good of for bad (and we all know the story of reality)

Corruption of heart, vanity and selfishness if we love it as a god.

Any last words?
All I have to say is that I wish every person that reads this interview all the blessings and to forgive my bad English grammar. Hope you all to understand what i ment to say J God bless u all people!

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