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WAKING THE CADAVER (NJ, USA) was formed in 2006. They combine Death Metal and hardcore with unhuman growling vocals. This fucked up mix of aggression and power is also known as “Slamming Gore Groove”.

Don, first we wanna thank you for the time you spent , answering our questions.

Dan/Benny - it’s my pleasure to help out, and thank you too! I hope you are doing well my friends.

So please introduce yourself and the band WAKING THE CADAVER to people who don`t know you.

My name is Don Campan and I am the front man for WAKING THE CADAVER. We started writing the music we play because we simply wanted to hear some new ultra-twisted evil shit that sounded like everything we listen to. We added our own infamous NJ style crunk into the mix - and out came WAKING THE CADAVER!

Which bands or which influences inspired you and WTC ?

Wow, there are so many, but def: Cannibal Corpse, Cinerary, Disgorge, Slayer, Napalm Death, and at the time Devourment.

Is the actual line-up the origin one when WAKING THE CADAVER started their career or were there any changes?

The line up has changed since it started, we have been through a few guitar players, we are now certain that Mike Mayo and Rob Wharton are the final guitar players. As for the original members it is still Dennis Morgan on Drums, Steve Vermilyea on Bass, and me staying pissed as hell on the mic.

The first time we got in touch with WTC was 2006, when we found your two demo songs on myspace. They were fuckin brutal and we just loved them . Then the first WTC album was released in 2007. Could you please say something about this CD?

Sure, that CD and demo - is NOW and will forever will be in music history. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says. Here we are NOW putting out our 2nd CD (BEYOND COPS. BEYOND GOD.) and we have grown so much musically as a band, and I hear more now that ever from people, all over the world, - “...we love ‘Perverse’, that CD was epic...” all sorts of comments like that. Trust me, we know the our 1st CD has a underground quality. But it was a stepping stone for where we are now headed. I am and always will be proud of it. SO FUCK YOU IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT.

In august your second release will hit the streets. What can we expect? Is it completely different to your first CD or are there just small changes?

In many ways it is VERY different and then yet it still has all the great slamming qualities from the first. Its has it all - blasts - scorching hot riffs - solos - gang chants - 2 step parts - old-school-style-circle-pit parts - beat down parts - cruising on your motorcycle parts - groovy parts - getting high as fuck parts - scolding lyrics - it just never ends!! This CD is all of our pride and joy and we have all worked very hard to make sure it keeps the old waking fans movin’ and the new ones slammin’!

In 2009 WAKING THE CADAVER toured Europe. We visited some of your shows. They were just incredible! So, are you planning another tour or a few shows in Europe or germany?

It means the world that you and your crew came out to support us time and time again. Thank you so much. We are coming back with a full euro tour, in November 2010, on a nightliner with Napalm Death, Immolation and Macabre. Now THAT'S a Death Metal tour!

Where do you see WTC in 5 years?

Playing with Slayer.

If we want some merch – where can we buy it?,,
Imperial Clothing,
we got it all. We are everywhere. Buy Now.

Some words for your fans?

You are all fucking sick in the head - and i love you all for that. Thank you for helping our dreams come true - see you on tour. 666.

And now before were coming to the end: Brainstorming!

german beer?
THE BEST! (sorry everyone else, but it

nowadays hardcore and metal?
Well, waking is a hybrid band and one of the only bands that can play to both genres, remember that. Taste it.

your haters?
hahahaaaa..ya see..a WAKING THE CADAVER not really a hater..they are just secret fans that are just SOooo jealous that we are so good, that they can’t take it anymore and they have a meltdown.. and then have to try and talk shit..via the internet! GET REAL HATERS!! but thanx for all your free publicity - you have done wonders for the band. SUCKERS!

straight edge?
not for me and that trend left the building a while ago... get wrecked.

Dennis takes them all.

Thank you, Don, for the interview and I hope we`ll meet again soon. No matter if in germany or in the states ;)

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